DYNASTY Cup - Asia vs Japan

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Dynasty Cup - Asia Vs. Japan (from April 15-17)

Postby arjun2761 » Mon Apr 18, 2005 4:51 pm

vishnureddy wrote:
In 16th, it was a par3 hole and Jyoti drove his first shot into the water while Katayama was able to land it in the greens. Jyoti used Provisional ball but this time missed the water and landed it close to the hole about 8-10 feet away . Then Katayama had an easy birdie putt chance to win the hole but he just missed it which gave a chance to Jyoti to halve the hole. He then made a great par putt to save the hole.


If Jyoti made his putt, that would be a bogie and he would have lost the hole unless Katayama also made a bogie. When you hit in the water, and then play again your are laying 3.

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